Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Promotions and the Silver Bullet

You have just been promoted.
The person you are replacing didn't get the job done.
You've got 18 months and 3 letters:

First 6 months - did you stop the bleeding?
Yes - you still have 18 months
No - 1st Letter - The other guy screwed it up, it's taking a while to fix - you now have 12 months.

2nd 6 months - Did you level things out, profits aren't growing - but your not bleeding out anymore.
Yes - You still have 18 months.
No - 2nd letter - I'm so sorry, I take full responsibility. I see where the errors were and I'm on it.

3rd 6 months - Are you profitable?
Yes - you still have 18 months.
No - 3rd letter - If you're lucky, you get demoted, other than that - your new letteris titled: "Severance Agreement".

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Great I Am & Job Creation

I'm checking out blogs and clicking links and I start with Cold Fury and click to SWeasle which takes me to the Boston Globe and "The Great I Am".
At the same time I have Fox News on in the background and I hear that the Dow may tank because Dubai can't pay for all the capitalist investments they've made and then a Rasmussen poll on Obama's declining poll numbers. My mind starts racing, I can't keep up with the thoughts so I open up Word and start a new document. Oh it's long and rambley and then I found my favorite thought.

You know all those jobs “The Great I Am” has saved or created, it really is true. A job is getting paid money to do something. Our saved or created job: getting paid $330 / week to fill out job applications and send in resumes. There’s your job creation right there, I think his numbers are a little low now - don't you?

Monday, October 26, 2009

October is Breast Cancer Month

Obama SOP - (Late as usual)
With 6 days left to go in the month of October, the White House raised the pink flag in honor of breast cancer observation.

Crisis averted - ya think you might start working on something presidential?
The REAL war (not the FOX, Chamber or Commerce, Ins. Co... etc. wars)
Get out of it or get in it to WIN it.
FYI - You are not the president of the people who agree with you - you are the President of the United States of America - try to act Presidential, and I'll continue to respect THE OFFICE.
As they say in uniform - you salute the rank - NOT THE MAN.

And another thing - hope you and Al Gore are really proud of denying Irena Sendler the Nobel Peace prize. The least you could do is try to make her proud of the fact that either one of you received it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jimmy Carter ...Bless his heart....

I am now in Georgia and in the south I have found that when you feel total pity for another and realize they are lacking in intelligence, rather than say a mean word you just toss out “Bless his heart”.
I truly believe that Carter was the worst man for the job when he held it. I’m not real content with the current place holder either. I choose to believe that Carter did try to do his best – unfortunately it wasn’t good enough, but I don’t believe he is mean or spiteful just stupid (Bless his heart).

I believe that Carter was raised in the south with deep racist roots running through his blood, but knows that it is not good to be racist and he is fighting with every ounce of white guilt he has to convince himself that being racist is bad. He is trying so hard to outrun his racism, but that is all he can see and feel deep in his heart. So naturally, he would believe that this is exactly how all white Americans are.
Jimmy has never been able to rise above his raisin'.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's a new month and I just want to ramble...

WARNING: When I ramble I start on MSWord and then just copy it here.
None of these things will make much sense to anyone but me.

Obama will be speechifying to the K-6 students on 9-8-9.
I guess he has other plans for 9-9-9. (addressing congress or something like that)

I get great random thoughts/rants – when I am nowhere near anything to write with. (Walking up the stairs, cleaning out the cat box, driving, doing dishes things like that.) Then when I am done with my chores and get to the computer – the rant is gone. The thoughts remain, but those words in my head that sounded just perfect have jumbled themselves up. It’s quite annoying.

My thoughts started with the indoctrination of our children and then moved on to Taxy Tim and Charlie Rangle on taxes. Somewhere in there was the study of socialism. There was of course the fact that I am by no means a political anything – just a citizen with questions trying to educate myself to speak without sounding stupid.

Of course in this day and age of Obama, if my opinion differs from the Obama take – I would then be called a stupid, greedy, white racist. No one would bother to help explain why my opinion should be changed – thanks for the help.

I’m a simple person, my questions will be simple.

I am hearing a lot about socialism, Marxism, fascism, communism…etc. It seems to me that the programs and policies trying to be implemented fall under those styles of government.

So if that is not the case – how/why is it not?
If the case cannot be made to dispute socialism…etc, and this administration is proud of the agenda, why not shout it to the world and make it plain?

Is it better to take away the pride of accomplishment for the promise of handouts?

Monday, August 31, 2009

Things that make you go .... hummmmm

From Reuters
Obama more successful on terrorism says security adviser

In a nutshell, Obama's security advisor Jim Jones basically said In response to Dick Cheney's Fox interview on Fox News Sunday: Nana, nana, boo, boo - we're better than you were.

August 19, 2009
Death toll rises to 95 in worst attack since US pullout

Also Ben Bernake is a victim of identity theft.

I guess it just depends on your definition of success...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sometimes the truth is just entertaining.

Thanks to: Great find.


Also from nice deb - just for fun:

Gotta have fun - and if you can't smile at these.... there's just nothing left to say
Thanks Deb!

But wait! There's more... Check this one out:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Teddy and equality ramblings

It's been non-stop How Great Was Ted. Has it been 2 days? It just feels like the longest day ever. Is there a possibility that some news is happening somewhere in the world. I quit watching last night - I just couldn't take it anymore.

It was like Anna Nicole and Michael all over again. So I've spent some time checking in on blogs and comments and naturally since I lean to the right, I've seen all the bad things about 'ol Teddy, with a drop of troll bait dribbled in the comments for the feeding frenzy.

I was never a fan of Ted Kennedy and I don't think any politician should be allowed more than 8 years in "public office" (oxymoron, if it's a public office - why are there so many secrets?). So naturally I don't appreciate his 47 years.

At any rate the death of Mary Jo seems to be in every comment section, which then somehow turns into Bush lied and killed 4000 soldiers. Somehow trying to justify Chappaquiddick? Silly me, I just don't get the connection. Is that similar to how water is like dirt, or the sun is like the moon? If they want a new topic - they should get a blog.

All I really wanted to do here was post two news articles from the past that I thought were a little more relevant to the Chappaquiddick incident...

# 1 From 2001
Woman left man trapped for days in her windshield after hit and run
Victim got apologies but no help as he bled to death, court told
FORT WORTH, Tex. - A Texas nurse's aide allowed a man trapped in the windshield of her car to bleed to death in her garage over two or three days, prosecutors
said. Then, Chante Mallard called her friends and had them dump the body of
Gregory Biggs, a 37-year-old homeless man, in a nearby park. "I'm going to have to come up with a new word. Indifferent isn't enough. Cruel isn't enough to say," Richard Alpert, a Tarrant County assistant district attorney, told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "Heartless? Inhumane? Maybe we've just redefined
inhumanity here." On Wednesday, police arrested Ms. Mallard, 25, on a murder warrant in Mr. Biggs' October death. "If he had gotten medical attention, he probably would have survived," said Sergeant John Fahrenthold, a police traffic investigator. When the body was found in Cobb Park in southeast Fort Worth, evidence pointed to a hit-and-run, investigators said. But they were unable to develop any leads in the case until Ms. Mallard herself unwittingly provided the key to the mystery. When asked at a party why she was no longer driving her car, she told a friend "bits and pieces" about the accident. Last month, the friend went to police and they obtained a search warrant. Inside her garage they discovered her damaged 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier still spattered inside and out with blood, hair and other trace evidence from Mr. Biggs. The car's seats had been removed and were found in the backyard. An attempt had been made to burn one of them to destroy the evidence. Taken to the police station for questioning, Ms. Mallard at last explained what had happened. The woman told police she had been drinking and using Ecstasy the night she hit Mr. Biggs, sending him headfirst through her windshield and breaking his legs. Then, she panicked and drove the few kilometres to her home, where she parked her car in the garage. Mr. Biggs begged her to help him, she told the police, but she lowered the garage door and ignored his pleas. She returned several times over the next few days to apologize to him, but otherwise did nothing to help as he went into shock and slowly bled to death. After the man died, Ms. Mallard enlisted several of her friends to help remove his body. They put Mr. Biggs in the trunk of another vehicle and drove to the park, where he was found on Oct. 27. "This goes so far beyond failure to stop and render aid because she did more than not render aid," Mr. Alpert said. "She made it impossible for anyone else to do so." Ms. Mallard's lawyer, Mike Heiskell, said the accusation against her was not warranted. "I think this is overreaching on the part of the prosecution and the police and, in the end, I believe the law will shake out that this was simply a case of failure to stop and render aid," he said. The Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office told police Mr. Biggs suffered no internal injuries and apparently died from loss of blood and shock. Medical examiner's records listed his address as a homeless shelter in Fort Worth. More arrests are expected.
Copyright © 2001 National Post Online
#2 From 2007
Pedestrian body stuck in car windshield
GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) — A motorist hit two pedestrians, then drove home with one of the bodies lodged in his windshield, police said. The man in the windshield died. Police said Steve Warrichaiet was drunk when he struck the pedestrians as he returned home from a friend's house late Sunday. One pedestrian was found lying on a street, critically injured, but police said the second victim remained lodged in Warrichaiet's windshield while he drove seven blocks home and parked in his garage. Warrichaiet's sister, Donna Gutowski, said he called her early Monday, minutes after midnight. "'Now I really did it. I killed somebody. I put the body in the car,'" she recalled Warrichaiet saying. "But I didn't believe him. He had talked nonsense before." She said she learned the crash really happened when an investigator came to her home that morning. Warrichaiet called police about 5:40 a.m. Monday, reporting that he'd been in an accident and thought he hit someone, authorities said. Police Lt. David Wesely said investigators didn't know what happened in the six hours between the crash and the man's call to police. Tyrone Ware, 50, of Green Bay, was pronounced dead when police arrived at Warrichaiet's home. The second victim, a woman, was in critical condition Wednesday at St. Vincent Hospital, a nursing supervisor said.
In a similar case in 2001 in Texas, a former nurse's aide hit a homeless man, drove
home with him wedged in her windshield and then left him to bleed to death in
her garage. Chante Jawan Mallard was convicted of murder and sentenced in 2003
to 50 years in prison.
Warrichaiet was charged Tuesday with homicide by intoxicated use of a motor vehicle, hit-and-run involving death, injury by intoxicated use of a motor vehicle and hit-and-run involving great bodily harm. The charges carry a maximum penalty of 77 1/2 years in prison and a $275,000 fine. A judge set bail at $100,000.
Gutowski said her brother has mental health problems and had received counseling for having suicidal thoughts. She said her brother needs treatment and medication. "This could happen to the next person. You've got to get ill people off the streets," she said.
Those were both accidents by intoxicated individuals that tried to hide the incidents - I don't believe Teddy sent anyone to help out, and I believe that they were both incarcerated.
Perhaps if they had driven the cars to a Lake to sink they might have gotten away with it, or been in a different state, or had a better last name perhaps?
Just an observation on those equal rights Teddy was so big on.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Soviet Subversion (9 PART SERIES)
Former KGB propagandist Yuri Bezmenov:

We are well on the way towards Big Brother Government.
America is the last country of freedom and possibility.

(Thanks to:

There is a bright spot in Michigan

Mike Roger's opening statement:

thanks to:

Prof. Klavin explains the left's Defense

Professor Klavin on the Culture


Friday, August 21, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pleasant surprise

I started watching this and what a pleasant surprise in the second half.
Beautiful job by alinskyrules

This is OK - This is not OK....

In 2000 apparently this was OK and not racist.

OK so it wasn't the president, just the Texas Republican Convention.

This is not OK and racist in Arizona August 2009

Note that the "white man" carrying the gun is actually a black man in a white shirt.
(reporters only see and hear what they want)

"They" won't unplug grandma - really they won't

The committee isn't going to let you plug in grandma in the first place.
To allow grandma to be plugged in and then pull the plug would just be cruel and an added expense.

h/t Cold Fury:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Heathcare and other rambles..

This Sunday was my dad's 70'th birthday. I called to wish him well and check up on things back at home. I was curious what he thought of this health care debate, since Medicare is such a prominent issue. He is perfectly happy with his care and his medications and all he wants is for nothing to change.
I have noticed in the clips of town hall meetings if the representative asks the attendees who is on Medicare, many hands go up. If the next question is who wants to get off of Medicare and make any changes - the meeting turns into boos and shouts of NO!.
It was my understanding years ago that the Medicare system was the pride of the USA. The cost to administer the system was 2%, compared to private insurance that had to make a profit. So if that is true - what did our government do with all the money. At 2% over cost and tax increases to the citizens - shouldn't that system just be in fine condition? Are they stealing the medicare money to cover the uninsured costs? Is that what this is all about?
I thought we were paying these massive premiums to cover some of the uninsured costs already.
Did our government mix up the medicare money with the social security money and use it to build something or buy something? (So much for the LOCK BOX)
It seems to me that the medicare system wasn't broken - the government is and has been for decades.

And another thing..
If this health care bill is supposed to be so great for us as citizens - why isn't it in plain ENGLISH!
No it doesn't say they want to kill grandma - but it also doesn't say they have a responsibility to keep her alive.
No it doesn't say they want to pay for abortions - but it also doesn't say they won't.
The entire bill is a freakin joke. As I attempted to try to read it, I came away with the impression that somebody is trying to hide something from me - hell from all of us, and nobody is happy on either side of the debate.
Quite the leader we have found - can't seem to lead rainwater down a hill.

New York Dist 29 Your Represenative is Speaking

New York District 29 Representative Eric Massa speaking at an intimate gathering of Net Roots activists during a round table discussion at the annual Netroots Nation conference in Pittsburgh on August 15, 2009

He will stand up and protect you from yourselves, no matter what you might think.
He says his district is one of the most right wing districts in the country.
The media portrays NY as very left.
Leaves with two questions:
1. So are there really right thinking folks in NY?
2. If it is the most right wing district in the country - how did a democrat - any democrat get in to represent that right wing group?
Just curious.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Where Democrats Come From

This was my first hand introduction into politics on my 18th birthday.
I was in OEA during high school, and with that came an assigned part-time after school job.
I was assigned to a Lawyer's Office. On my 18th birthday one of the lawyers came to me to sign up to vote. He asked if I would be a Republican or a Democrat. I didn't know anything about politics and asked him what the difference was.

Do you want to be greedy or do you want to help other people?

No one wants to admit to greed, especially in front of your boss.

That's how I ended up a registered Democrat in 1979 Albuquerque NM.

It took a few years - but I have a brain now, and am capable of my own thoughts.

What a freakin idiot!

The first time I saw this I thought (h/t
- this is what the left claims they hear at town hall meetings.
This is why I quit listening to NBC, & ABC - never did listen to CBS. The rudness and stupid comments that started during the Clinton years just pissed me off. I haven't been back since.

It's just gotten worse through the years. If you are looking for actual information MSM will only give you their opinion. Then they bitch when the ratings drop, or anyone calls them on their "reporting".

Saturday, August 15, 2009

If Not For the Great Les Paul........

Les Paul and Mary Ford - How High The Moon

Best rendition was in the 80's by Kay Kay Baca and Duke Cit All Stars. Les and Mary would have been so proud of Kay Kay and the boys!

From Les Paul to Chet Atkins - Orange Blossom Special.

And who could forget Jerry Reed.

And so many more.........

Friday, August 14, 2009

Barry's leaving Montana

The Pres is on AF1 getting ready to go back to D.C., and Cavuto is talking to the Montana Governor.
The Gov. said health care in America costs twice as much as in other countries.
Hum - really?
From what I've heard, you get what you pay for - and we actually have health care here. We actually get to see the doctor before you have to make that end of life consultation appointment.
In fact if you are uninsured you do have health care - I know you do I've seen my insurance rates skyrocket.
By the way - can I get a tax deduction for each uninsured that I'm covering.
Another thought - Have you noticed when you pick medical insurance the rates are "family rate" once you add a dependant.
If you have 1 child you pay the same rate as "octo-mom" if she had insurance that is. So maybe every insured family should get to "adopt" at least 1 uninsured citizen until everybody is covered. To offset the cost - the paying family gets to use the previously uninsured as their dependant deduction. Of course the citizen is going to have to cover their own co-pays and out of pocket expenses. There - no more drain on the system.
Lets draw lots now...
It's as dumb an idea as anything else that's out there.

Go F Yourself (flag that is)

So this video is making it's way around.

Well it's about time. I've been seeing this campaign for about a week.
I've seen many posts and letters stating:

I won't snitch off a friend, but I'm more than happy to blast your "flag" email account with my personal thoughts and feelings on this administration and it's attempt at socializing this country.

Freedom of Speech, Proud American, they've been GREAT!
Some are quite loud and proud, some are quite humourous - check out the Emperior at Anti-Idotarian Rottweiler - it's a HOOT!!

FYI - Flagging is the first step before flogging - or haven't you seen the SEIU videos.

I love the creativity is this blogoshere - wish I had skills.

Smile today.

From CharlieDelta at THANKS

Thursday, August 13, 2009

La Rouche PAC?

Admittedly I am an under informed conservative, new to this blog thing.
I don't want my opinion handed to me by any means.
Prior to this month I have never intentionally read a blog.
I had never heard of the LaRouche PAC until today thanks to this bog post:

Towards the bottom was this video from Stephen Gutowski on eyeblast:

With that I started looking for this "LaRouchePAC". I found out how the so called death panels seem to come into play in our current national health care debate.
From the LaRouche site:
I found this 19.47 minute video on the history of Hitlers death panel program called T-4. About 15.39 into the video the LaRouche PAC links it to the Obama administration:

Off to research this group a bit more.....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why they don't read the bills

Simply stated - it doesn't affect them.
Yet another reason for term limits, and no "retirement" benefits from taxpayers after no more than 8 years of service MAXIMUM.
Public service should be SERVICE, not your personal cash cow for life.

Things I wish I knew then.... still true today

The battle is over, but the facts still linger on.
Some history to be reminded of in the new battle for change.

From TheMouthPeace Sept. 30, 2008

From illuminatitv Oct. 10, 2008
I think he leaves the issue open for distractions from any current issues.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sometimes things backfire.

Remember this from Linda Douglas at the White House:
"There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumours often travel just below the surface via chain email or through casual conversation. Since we can't keep track of all of them here at the White House, we're asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, sent it to"

How's that workin' for ya?
Who came up with this winner?

So I wonder - did they take it down because:
A. It is illegal
B. The masses don't like it - way too similar to Hitler
C. They are getting bombared with folks turning themselves in with PRIDE.

The White House has made an update:
UPDATE: As part of our effort to push back on the misinformation about health insurance reform, we've launched It's full of videos and tools you can use to share the facts with your friends and family. Check it out.

So let's see -
Bailouts, Stimulous, Cigerette tax, Cash for Clunkers, Snitch site, Cap and Trade, Health Care, Privacy (Cookies), Gitmo, Iraq, Afganistan, Iran, N. Korea (thanks Bill), private jets, sludge in the white house garden.

Robert Gibbs says the President's had a pretty good week:

Really? - What did I miss? Anybody.... Hello.... What good things happened...

New Finds in Search of the Truth

I really have been trying to read the mumbo jumbo called HR3200.
I found a wonderful page full of breakdown on the bill

Thank you Wolfman George - This will help with those Town Hall questions.

Another really sweet line from Frank J at IMAO:

"If the Democrats find that destroying America hurts them at the polls, they may remove it from their platform."
Check it for yourself here:

Looking for truth

NOTE: This video is almost 9 minutes long.
It was quite eye opening for me - Judge for yourself.

It is edited and I am trying to locate the full video - personally I would really like some truth.
Key points for me were pushing for Bush administration investigations, Obama for single payer system, constitutional amendment - health care is a right not a privilege.
This video has been edited and it bothers me - is it real or just another you tube?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Favorite Funnies

I want to thank John Conyers of Michigan for this:

It reminded me of good old fun days like this:


Green Tax and Health Scare --- K.I.S.S.

JUST SLOW DOWN. You have a guaranteed 4 years to destroy the country - do you really need to do it in 9 months? This isn't a late term baby you get to abort on a whim.

You have under estimated the sheep following blindly. Remember the line Biden liked to spout about George W. Bush - You are the leader but if no one's following - you're just out for a walk .
Green and Stimulus - No problem. How many companies do we have in this country that want to sell solar panels, wind turbines, and rain barrels? How many families would love to have a minimum of one each on their houses? Put that together, what do you get.
Government shells out the money to actual business, they hire workers to install one of each on every home in America. I believe we call that jobs, jobs, jobs, and jobs (Nancy).
Can you imagine how green we would be if every home in America had a solar panel, a wind turbine and a rain barrel. One or two houses wouldn't do much - but every house in America would definitely make a dent.

Health Care - What a fight. Why don't you use what you have for the moment. We have Medicare / Medicaid and your own senate style health care in place, just open it up the everyone as a choice. Hell you want the tax dollars to pay for it anyway - at least while we are broke we won't have the expense of putting together an entirely new system. Work on reforming the insurance companies in the mean time and let American take a breath so everyone can openly and honestly get into the discussion without feeling pressured and ignored.

These are by no means perfect solutions, nothing will be. But it's a start and I believe it spends our tax dollars in a more responsible way

Why Sleeping Giant?

For the most part that's exactly what Americans are. I believe that for the most part as Americans we pretty much go with the flow, we are pretty accepting of most things. There are fringes in everything. The normal, average citizens make allowances for stupidity on both sides of the isle. Until things go too far.

Protesting a soldier's funeral with signs and rants is stupid. As much as those people should be shot - no one did get shot. That's grace - Amazing grace.

Pictures of anybody portrayed as Hitler is just stupid. Bush people had to put up with that for 8 years. Now it's Obama. Apparently it's a right of passage - and that is just plain stupid too.

How far is too far? When does the middle of the road average citizen get off the couch. What are the consequences when that happens?

Hats off to Claire McCaskill (I can't believe I wrote that either). I saw a film clip on Fox News and apparently she has her town hall meetings under control, and acknowledged some real folks might actually be "so mad about health care, that they can't hardly see straight". She didn't call names or appear to intimidate, but made an acknowledgement. I don't know how the meeting went, I don't know if anyone got any questions asked or answered. If the meeting went the way the opening did, I'm impressed and I hope it went well.

Big Stretch and A Yawn - I'm Up and Ranting

Thursday, August 06, 2009
Nancy has me up in arms – again. The AstroTurf comment just keeps replaying in my head, right behind Michelle’s speech from UCLA on Feb. 3, 2008. The comments from Maria at the end helped a lot also. Glen Beck inserted a clip in his broadcast, so as a responsible citizen, I went to you tube and discovered the entire UCLA rally and spent over an hour watching, listening and copying word for word what she said. I found it quite inspiring. Take note and apply her words to your own thinking….

“When power is confronted with real change they will say anything.”

I believe we are seeing that come to light today. I may be blinded by my own point of view (as we all are) – but I really don’t recall the past administrations name calling when they were confronted by protesters – if fact George Bush’s responses seemed along the lines of – this is a great country and every citizen is entitled to voice their opinion. I don’t recall him ever making fun of the protester with the type of sarcasm that I have seen from this administration ( see: - Obama To 'Folks Waving Tea Bags Around' : "Let's Not Play Games"), or Nancy Pelosi calling them AstroTurf, Harry Reid, Barbara (call me Senator) Boxer, …. The list goes on, and on and on.

Michelle goes on..
“The truth is, America CAN handle the truth”
It would be nice to hear some truth right about now.
“But sometimes we don’t know what the truth looks like, 'cuz we haven’t seen it in such a long time.”
Now ain't that the truth.
“We say we’re ready for change, but change is hard. Change will always be hard, and it doesn'tt happen from the top down.”
It sure feels to me like they are trying to make changes from the top down.

“We don’t get universal health care, we don’t get better schools because somebody else is in the White House. We get change ecause folks from the grassroots up decide they’re sick and tired of other people telling them how their lives will be when they decide to roll up their sleeves and work.”

I think the middle class, and common sense folks have just started rolling up our sleeves.

"And Barack will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism. That you put down your division. That your come out of your isolation. That your move out of your comfort zone. That you push yourselves to be better and that you engage. Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed. You have to stay the the seat of the table of democracy with a man like Barack Obama. Not just on Tuesday, but it a year from now, in 4 years from now, in 8 years from now. You
will have to be engaged. You will have to be engaged and we are gonna need you. I hold no level of fear in this race because I have no expectation that we are doing this alone. We will need all of you standing with us, praying with us, working with us every step of the way because that is how change happens in this country.”

However when we (me – yes I admit it fully and completely) the uninvolved, the uninformed and the unengaged finally do get engaged they mock us with sarcasm and name calling.
There is a quote that comes to mind from our history when someone tried to destroy America from inside our borders.
“ I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

Barack and Michelle should be quite proud, they have done more for this country in six months than any republican has since Jimmy and done it much better and much stronger.

As the uninformed, uninvolved, unengaged lower end middle class, under educated, nothing special (white chick from the democrat Hispanic New Mexico school district, raised by both parents - both working in order to make just enough money to live paycheck to paycheck – but too much money to get any help – aka a product of affirmative action). You know us losers who weigh the value of get a job or get an education. Debt was the lowest form of accomplishment in our family. You got a car when you had cash and debt was only for a mortgage or a major emergency. The fridge burnt out – and the food is gonna spoil. Ice chests can only go so far. Sorry – back from the rant….
Back to the pride of Barack – it takes a lot to get my dead ass off the couch and into this blog o sphere world, getting informed, researching and OMG say it isn’t so - considering getting involved and going to meet with these people who are supposed to be working for me.
As for the AstroTurf comment Nancy – thanks… it’s true. I don’t need your fertilizer (aka BS) to grow – so quit throwing it. Grass needs fertilizer (B.S.)

Back to the UCLA rally with Maria Schriver, she opens up by shout out’s to all parties running for president and the spouses. She goes on about follow your own voice and your own truth, moments in life and then brings it around to:

“If Barack Obama were a state he’d be California.”

I would definitely agree with that, I did my 2 year stint there. I’m allowed to agree.
She continues:

“Think about it, he’s diverse, open, smart, independent, bucks tradition, innovative, inspiring, dreamer, leader. Not about himself, about us. He brings people together.”

He’s bringing people together alright.

Then she goes on to explain the end of a Hopi Indian prayer:

“We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

So that’s where that came from – now I know.

So speaking truth to power is OK when it’s their truth, when it’s my truth I’m AstroTurf.
We are empowered and proud when we follow our own voice when it is an echo of the Obama machine – we’re hecklers if the sound is not to their liking.

New topic:
Character Counts – brought to us 16 years ago by the Clintons. Remember all those billboards and commercials, and the priority of character in schools. The year was 1993, and they still act like characters instead of getting some.

Obama likes to say “This is not about me.” Damn right it’s not about you bucky – it’s about us. He needs to let all his groupies (Pelosie, Reid, Boxer, Hoyer…etc) know. They keep saying the angry mobs are about attacking him. We know it’s not about him – it’s about us and our rights.