Friday, November 27, 2009

The Great I Am & Job Creation

I'm checking out blogs and clicking links and I start with Cold Fury and click to SWeasle which takes me to the Boston Globe and "The Great I Am".
At the same time I have Fox News on in the background and I hear that the Dow may tank because Dubai can't pay for all the capitalist investments they've made and then a Rasmussen poll on Obama's declining poll numbers. My mind starts racing, I can't keep up with the thoughts so I open up Word and start a new document. Oh it's long and rambley and then I found my favorite thought.

You know all those jobs “The Great I Am” has saved or created, it really is true. A job is getting paid money to do something. Our saved or created job: getting paid $330 / week to fill out job applications and send in resumes. There’s your job creation right there, I think his numbers are a little low now - don't you?

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