Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jimmy Carter ...Bless his heart....

I am now in Georgia and in the south I have found that when you feel total pity for another and realize they are lacking in intelligence, rather than say a mean word you just toss out “Bless his heart”.
I truly believe that Carter was the worst man for the job when he held it. I’m not real content with the current place holder either. I choose to believe that Carter did try to do his best – unfortunately it wasn’t good enough, but I don’t believe he is mean or spiteful just stupid (Bless his heart).

I believe that Carter was raised in the south with deep racist roots running through his blood, but knows that it is not good to be racist and he is fighting with every ounce of white guilt he has to convince himself that being racist is bad. He is trying so hard to outrun his racism, but that is all he can see and feel deep in his heart. So naturally, he would believe that this is exactly how all white Americans are.
Jimmy has never been able to rise above his raisin'.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's a new month and I just want to ramble...

WARNING: When I ramble I start on MSWord and then just copy it here.
None of these things will make much sense to anyone but me.

Obama will be speechifying to the K-6 students on 9-8-9.
I guess he has other plans for 9-9-9. (addressing congress or something like that)

I get great random thoughts/rants – when I am nowhere near anything to write with. (Walking up the stairs, cleaning out the cat box, driving, doing dishes things like that.) Then when I am done with my chores and get to the computer – the rant is gone. The thoughts remain, but those words in my head that sounded just perfect have jumbled themselves up. It’s quite annoying.

My thoughts started with the indoctrination of our children and then moved on to Taxy Tim and Charlie Rangle on taxes. Somewhere in there was the study of socialism. There was of course the fact that I am by no means a political anything – just a citizen with questions trying to educate myself to speak without sounding stupid.

Of course in this day and age of Obama, if my opinion differs from the Obama take – I would then be called a stupid, greedy, white racist. No one would bother to help explain why my opinion should be changed – thanks for the help.

I’m a simple person, my questions will be simple.

I am hearing a lot about socialism, Marxism, fascism, communism…etc. It seems to me that the programs and policies trying to be implemented fall under those styles of government.

So if that is not the case – how/why is it not?
If the case cannot be made to dispute socialism…etc, and this administration is proud of the agenda, why not shout it to the world and make it plain?

Is it better to take away the pride of accomplishment for the promise of handouts?